50 years ago today

This section contains selected vinyl albums, released 50 years ago. Mainly studio albums and posted on the actual day.  You can subscribe and be notified when new albums reach 50 years.

(released 1970-1971)

Janis Joplin - Pearl

Janis Joplin – Pearl

Happy New Year to you all!! First relevant 50 years birthday release in 2021 is this second and final album

T.Rex - T.Rex

T-Rex – T-Rex

This is the self titled debut album by T.Rex since they changed name from Tyrannosaurus Rex in October 1970, and

King Crimson - Lizard

King Crimson – Lizard

Second post today, sorry for the late posting – it will be short 🙂 Lizard is the third studio album

Velvet Underground - Loaded

Velvet Underground – Loaded

Loaded is the 4th studio album by The Velvet Underground and by many considered as their final release. Lou Reed

Syd Barrett . Barrett

Syd Barrett ‎– Barrett

Welcome back to Syd Barrett! This is his second and final studio album, just called Barrett, released today 50 years

Grateful Dead - American Beauty

Grateful Dead – American Beauty

Not even 5 months have passed since Grateful Dead celebrated 50 years anniversary of Workingman’s Dead. Now they are here

Bob Dylan - New Morning

Bob Dylan – New Morning

New Morning is the eleventh studio album by Bob Dylan and released only 4 months after the, in my opinion,