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Dandyvinyl is a hobby project launched in 2020. The primary content is a consecutively list of posts regarding vinyl albums, reaching 50 years since their release. Posted on the actual date. The list starts from January 2020.

As time goes by more of my personal favorite albums will be added to “DandyRecords”. A few will be for sale in the vinyl shop. Last I made a resource page with a list of on-line vinyl related stuff. 

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Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen

Site creator, Dandyvinyl.com

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My Low-Fi setup

I have no real hi tech equipment, but it fills my need of  listening. And kind of fits in a normal living room. Beside the turntable, amplifier and speakers I have a NAD CD-player and a Samsung DVD / hard disk recorder. But they are very seldom used, normally I listen only vinyl.


My turntable is an old SL-1200MK2 from 1978. I bought it in 2010 as is, painted blue over a part of the metallic color. Less than 100 dollar, but I also had to replace some parts. The amplifier is a NAD C326BEE, 50 W, and the speakers are Dali Lektor 6. 30 – 150W, 6 ohm.

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