Atomic Rooster – In Hearing of Atomic Rooster

Atomic Rooster - In Hearing of Atomic Rooster

is a new musical experience for me, actually I just discovered the band and this album a few months ago. Today that is 50 years too late then, but everything has it’s time and isn’t that another beautiful side about music? You can never stop experience new great tunes, whatever that is new music generated today, or old stuff you just missed until now.

Since I just started listening to the band I won’t write much. They are easy to find on YouTube, also the full albums. The album in topic, In Hearing of Atomic Rooster, is a great album in my opinion, basically plain but with touches of both Prog and Hard Rock. They are kind of very typical for this time, the early 70’s, and reminds me of several bands releasing albums in the period.

The track-list below is from the original version. When released in the a single was added as the last song on side one, Devil’s Answer. It became their most popular song in their active period from 1969 to 1983 and topped as number 4 on the U.K. charts. I find it a bit boring, and in my opinion both Breakthrough and Break the Ice are better songs.

They have reformed in 2016 by the way, as a “revival band” with a new lineup.

A link to the full album on YouTube

Vincent Crane: Hammond organ, keyboard
John Cann: guitars
Pete French: vocals
Paul Hammond: drums, percussion


Side one:

Breakthrough 6:18.
Break the Ice 4:59
Decision/Indecision 3:50
A Spoonful of Bromide Helps the Pulse Rate Go Down 4:38

Side two:

Black Snake 6:00
Head in the Sky 5:38
The Rock 4:31
The Price 5:16


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