Badfinger – Magic Christian Music

Magic Christian Music is the debut album from Badfinger, released in 1970. The album starts with their “hit” song, Come and Get It, written by Paul McCartney, and was one of three songs used in the film: The Magic Christian. The other two songs were Carry on Till Tomorrow (the theme title) and of All Ages. All three songs produced by Paul McCartney. Listening the album this day on it’s 50 years birthday gives some association to The Beatles.

evolved from a band formed in 61 called the Iveys, and renamed themselves to Badfinger in 1968. I am not that familiar with the band and it’s history, but it is said that the name was inspired by the working title of song With a Little Help from My Friends. The working title should have been “Bad Finger Boogie”. I had to look it up at Wikipedia, and as you know not all listed there is true, so take it with the famous gran of salt.

Anyway; Happy Birthday to the album. It’s not one of my favorite albums after listening it today, but I find it nice and relaxing and absolutely worth listening. Give it a try if you have not yet!

The musicians credited on the album:
Bass, Vocals – Tom Evans
Drums, Vocals – Mike Gibbons
Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Joey Molland
Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer, Piano – Pete Ham


Side one:

Come And Get It 2:21
Crimson Ship 3:42
Dear Angie 2:39
Fisherman 2:24
Midnight Sun 2:46
Beautiful And Blue 2:40
Rock Of All Ages 3:16

Side two:

Carry On Till Tomorrow 4:47
I’m In Love 2:26
Walk In The Rain 3:27
Angelique 2:28
Knocking Down Our Home 3:40
Give It A Try 2:31
Maybe Tomorrow 2:51


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