Bauhaus – Burning From The Inside

Bauhaus - Burning From The Inside

formed in 1978 in Northampton, as Bauhaus 1919, but soon after they changed to only Bauhaus. This is their fourth studio album, recorded at the Rockfield studio in Wales. The recordings were influenced by conflicts between the members, according to Wiki it started because Peter Murphy was sick and the rest of the band started the recordings without him. Nevertheless they broke up before the release and Burning From The Inside became their last album from these early years. They gathered again in 2005 and made their fifth and final album, Go Away White in 2008.

After the break in 83 Peter Murphy started a solo carrier and made his first solo album in 1986, Should The World Fail To Fall Apart. The three other band members formed Love and Rockets in 1985 after a short period where Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins played in Tones on Tail. 

has stated they were influenced by a long list of artists and genres, and especially their mix of genres combined with Peter Murphy’s characteristic vocal made them one of my favorite bands from my teenage years in start eighties till now. I know their prior albums, In the Flat Field, Mask and The Sky’s Gone Out, scores higher in the average popularity, but Burning From The Inside is my personal favorite of their albums. Some might notice I didn’t mention Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape, but even it’s not listed as such on Discogs, it is a Live album and not considered a studio release.

My personal copy of Burning From The Inside is the first press. It’s one of the albums from my collection I listen most often, and I had to replace it a few years ago. I was lucky to trade it at a vinyl fare in almost mint condition. It’s not hard to find though, on Discogs the average price for a NM copy is around 25 euro.

Peter Murphy – lead vocals, guitar
Daniel Ash – guitar, backing vocals
David J – bass, backing vocals
Kevin Haskins – drums, keyboards


Side one:

She’s in Parties 5:44
Antonin Artaud 4:09
Wasp 0:20
King Volcano 3:31
Who Killed Mr. Moonlight 4:56

Side two:

Slice of Life 3:44
Honeymoon Croon 2:55
Kingdom’s Coming 2:26
Burning From the Inside 9:28
Hope 3:16


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