Black Sabbath – Paranoid

This is a pleasure for sure! While setting up the basic information for this release I have listened side one, and now just started on page 2 and “Electric Funeral”. Yes, it is of cause Paranoid who have 50 years release day today. The second album and in my humble opinion one of the best albums ever made. It is so close to getting the “complete album” tag, but it doesn’t reach it 100%. Maybe 95….

The basic facts. Recorded from 16 to 21 June, 1970 – at Regent Sound in London. Released in , well, 50 years ago of cause.. The release in US was delayed until January 1971, and I just read a kind of funny comment at the releases discussion forum saying:

Paranoid ’​s US-Canadian release was delayed until January 1971, as the Black Sabbath album was still on the charts at the time of its UK release. Still considered a 1970 album by many.

“Still considered a 1970 album by many”. Come on – it IS a 1970 album! – even if it was released in Europe first. Not to offend any Americans here, but I find it a bit typical. If it was not on the US market first it did not exist before it came “over there”???
Well, sorry for the interruption!

I think the album doesn’t need any more presentation, it’s probably one of the most played heavy albums. I never had the pleasure to own the UK first press, but it is available for purchase though. Right now for the sum of 350 Euro in a good condition. I was lucky to find the first Italian press a few years ago, in NM condition and for a very good price. Which is the version I am listening now. Not in a gate-fold or laminated cover, but still – the A-side is with the large swirl logo from . If you don’t know what I am talking about here, it looks like this:

Ozzy Osbourne – vocals
Tony Iommi – guitar, flute
Geezer Butler – bass guitar
Bill Ward – drums, congas

Additional personnel
Tom Allom – piano


Side one:

War Pigs 7:57
Paranoid 2:48
Planet Caravan 4:32
Iron Man 5:56

Side two:

Electric Funeral 4:53
Hand of Doom 7:08
Rat Salad 2:30
Fairies Wear Boots 6:15

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