Bob Dylan – Self Portrait

  • Artist: Bob Dylan
  • Album: Self Portrait
  • Released: June 8, 1970
  • 50 Y-day: June 8, 2020
  • Country: US
  • Label: Colombia

First release to celebrate 50 years since I started this list. Self Portrait is nevertheless the tenth studio album by Robert Allen Zimmerman, some of a feat having in mind that his self titled debut came 8 years earlier. But this is somehow one thing that characterize Bob Dylan, he was and is extremely productive with 38 albums till now. And he has number 39 coming up soon, scheduled to be released later this month, Rough and Rowdy Ways.

Self Portrait was his second double album and it was recorded  from April 24, 1969 to March 30, 1970. In released on Columbia – in the UK and most of Europe on CBS. The recordings started only 15 days after the release of Nashville Skyline which unfortunately was too old to be present in my lists. I like that album more than Self Portrait and I have it in my collection. Now I might offend some Bob Dylan fans out there, but I think Self Portrait is too long, first of all. There is too much pop and too little rock after my humble taste. It’s not bad at all, not saying, but I get a little tired listening it today. I am now on side 3 and listening The Mighty Quinn (Quin The Eskimo) which saves it a bit, a classic for sure. But anyway better with Manfred Mann….

Apropos Dylans productivity we will celebrate him again in only four months! when his 11th album turns 50, New Morning. Actually the recordings for that album started now, in June, 50 years ago. Productive he was for sure!

For once I will not mention the crew contributing on this album. Beside Bob Dylan himself it count 51 musicians! If you are curious,  you have to look it op yourself 🙂



Side one:

All The Tired Horses 3:11
Alberta #1 2:55
I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know 2:22
Days Of 49 5:42
Early Mornin’ Rain 3:31
In Search Of Little Sadie 2:26

Side two:

Let It Be Me 2:58
Little Sadie 1:58
Woogie Boogie 2:06
Belle Isle 2:28
Living The Blues 2:41
Like A Rolling Stone 5:14

Side three:

Copper Kettle 3:32
Gotta Travel On 3:04
Blue Moon 2:26
The Boxer 2:45
The Mighty Quinn 2:54
Take Me As I Am 2:52

Side four:

Take A Message To Mary 2:44
It Hurts Me Too 3:16
Minstrel Boy 3:29
She Belongs To Me 2:42
Wigwam 3:08
Alberta #2 3:20

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