Cactus – Cactus

Catcus - Catcus

Another album reached 50 years, this time with a band I haven’t listened at all during the years. Unfortunately. Cactus was formed in late 1969 in and released this debut album approximate a half year later. It is recorded in the first months of the bands existence, from October to December 1969, at the Ultra-Sonic Recording Studios in NY.

I have to say, I find it better that expected. I chose to listen the album and bring it here on my list of 50 years releases, since it’s their debut album. But listening it now I acknowledge I should have given the band a chance before. The mix between classic and hard rock, with – in my opinion – a tiny bit of psychedelic twist, I should have paid them some attention. But as always, you have to experience “new” old bands the rest of your life. So if you haven’t listened to Cactus yet, try give it a chance and a search on Youtube. This album can be found as a full album.

Since I have no prior knowledge of the band I would have to search information to add. Instead of doing that, I will invite anyone who have more insight of this band than me to write a review in the comments.

Carmine Appice – drums, backing vocals
Tim Bogert – bass, backing vocals
Rusty Day – lead and backing vocals, harmonica
Jim McCarty – guitar


Side one:

Parchman Farm 3:05
My Lady From South of Detroit 4:20
Bro. Bill 5:10
You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover 6:44

Side two:

Let Me Swim 3:50
No Need to Worry 6:00
Oleo 4:49
Feel So Good 6:00


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