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Chicago 2

Though isn’t one of my favorite bands, I will include this release from them here on it’s 50’s birthday. It is the second album from the band, but the first after they changed the name from Chicago Transit Authority to only Chicago. Therefore also the first in the long list of releases named Chicago II, III, IIII etc. In some versions this album is titled Chicago II.

I listened the album before writing this post, and somehow it also confirmed why the band never became a favorite of mine. I know they changed it later, but what annoys me is their use of horns in their music. Though it is well composed and also played – the horns gives the performance a jazzy twist that I don’t like. Other bands out there does that in a much better manner.

So, now have entered my list of albums turning 50 years, probably for the first and last time.

Peter Cetera – bass, vocals
Terry Kath – guitar, vocals
Robert Lamm – keyboards, vocals
Lee Loughnane – trumpet, vocals
James Pankow – trombone
Walter Parazaider – saxophone, flute, clarinet, vocals
Danny Seraphine – drums



Side one:

Movin’ In 4:06
The Road 3:10
Poem for the People 4:25
In the Country 6:34

Side two:

Wake Up Sunshine 2:29
Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon:
Make Me Smile 3:32
So Much to Say, So Much to Give 1:04
Anxiety’s Moment 1:00
West Virginia Fantasies 1:34
Colour My World 2:58
To Be Free 1:21
Now More Than Ever 1:27

Side three:

Fancy Colours 5:10
25 or 6 to 4 4:50
Memories of Love:
Prelude 1:18
A.M. Mourning 2:05
P.M. Mourning 1:59
Memories of Love 4:01

Side four:

1st Movement 2:30
2nd Movement 3:47
3rd Movement 3:19
4th Movement 1:15
Where Do We Go from Here? 2:53


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