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Culpepers Orchard

Culpeper’s Orchard was one of the many Danish bands, who entered the progressive rock scene in the late sixties and seventies. They formed in 1969 and until the release of this self titled debut album, they were mostly a live band. And became fast very popular in and later had some success internationally as well. They performed at the Roskilde Festival in 1974, 1976, 1977 and 1978.

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Culpeper’s Orchard disbanded in 1978 shortly after they released their fourth album. Their releases are: Culpeper’s Orchard in 1971, Second Sight and Going For A Song in 1972 and All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go in 1977. The final album released under the name Culpeper.

I have a copy of the first press in my collection. Listening it now while writing, I regret that I sold the rest some years ago. I like their style a lot, this mix of psychedelic and hard rock, touched by including passages of and folk in most songs. Unfortunately my copy isn’t in the best condition and it is very hard to find a original press in a better condition, I am willing to pay for. At the moment a VG+ copy found on Discogs cost 800 euro or more! I guess I will have to do with at repress sooner or later. It’s a fantastic album for sure! Can be listened on Youtube here in whole length..

Michael Friis: bass, organ, flute, piano, percussion
Rodger Barker: drums, percussion
Nils Henriksen: guitar, piano, vocal, cembalo
Cy Nicklin: vocal, guitar, percussion, banjo


Side one:

Banjocul 0:45
Mountain Music Part 1 6:22
Hey You People 1:25
Teaparty For An Orchard 6:10
Ode To Resistance 5:55

Side two:

Your Song And Mine 5:31
Gideon’s Trap 5:40
Blue Day’s Morning 2:08
Mountain Music Part 2 7:23


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