Deep Purple – Deep Purple In Rock

  • Artist: Deep Purple
  • Album: Deep Purple In Rock
  • Released: June 3, 1970
  • 50 Y-day: June 3, 2020
  • Country: UK
  • Label: Harvest

Another great album reached 50 years today! In is the fourth studio album with Deep Purple and the first release with the so called “Mark II” band constellation: Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover,  Jon Lord and Ian Paice. Rod Evans and Nick Simper was replaced with Ian Gillan (vocal) and Roger Glover (bass). Deep Purple In is considered as Deep Purple’s breakthrough, especially with Child In Time and Speed King. This was prior to Smoke on the Water, which was released later in 1972 on the album Machine Head.

“In Rock” was recorded in 3 different studios in London, IBC Studios, De Lane Lea Studios and Abbey Road Studios, from October 1969 to April 1970 and released 3 June 1970. The first issue came in a laminated gatefold sleeve and a well preserved copy can be expected a cost near 100 Euro. If it’s not the ultimate and very rare first press, which only came in a limited amount of copies before it was changed. There is some differences on the inner sleeve, but if you are the lucky owner of one of the first pressings, you should check the matrix number on the run out. This will verify which copy you hold. The first and rare versions are stamped with A-1 (side one) and B-1 (side 2) and sends the record up to 400 – 700 Euro on auctions. Only around a month later the pressings were stamped with “A2/B1” on the matrix.

Unfortunately I never found one of these early releases to a price I was willing to pay, and at the moment I don’t even have a repress in my collection. Since it’s one of my favorite Deep Purple albums that’s a mistake of cause, it will be one of the next albums I buy. If you have a spare copy (don’t have to be a rare first press, but I,m not interested in new press after 2000) you could take a look at my small shop for an item to trade with.

Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Ian Gillan – vocals
Roger Glover – bass
Jon Lord – organ
Ian Paice – drums


Side one:

Speed King 5:52
Bloodsucker 4:16
Child in Time 10:18

Side two:

Flight of the Rat 7:53
Into the Fire 3:30
Living Wreck 4:31
Hard Lovin’ Man 7:10

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