Echo & The Bunnymen – Crocodiles

Echo And The Bunnymen ‎– Crocodiles

Another album from my teenage years that still spins quite often on my turntable. It’s the debut album by and was recorded at Eden Studios in London and Rockfield Studios in Wales, and released approximate 2 years after the band formed in 1978. The band is still playing as this is written in spring 2020, but with a breakup between 1993 and 96. Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant have been in the band since the start, the rest of the personnel have changed a lot during the years.

In my opinion this is a fantastic album. The sound, the composition and the atmosphere is unique and delicate all the way through the album. I don’t know anyone else who have this as their a favorite album, on the other hand I haven’t played it for anyone who don’t like the music. It’s very melodic for a album and have a kind of consistence through the songs that applies to keep listening. I almost always listen the whole album from Going Up till Rescue – and I just decided that Crocodiles has to be tagged as a Complete album. Which is the tag I use for special albums I consider as a kind of masterpieces. Albums you have to listen from start to end because they have to be seen as a whole work.

Prior to releasing Crocodiles they made the singles Pictures on My Wall and Rescue, the first mentioned was their debut single. After Crocodiles followed more great albums like Heaven Up Here in 1981,  Porcupine in 1983 and Ocean Rain in 1984. Crocodiles had the most influence on me during the years and the only album I have left with Echo & The Bunnymen. Therefore also the only one that will be present here in Dandy Records, unless I acquire Porcupine again in the future.

Ian McCulloch – vocals, guitar, piano
Will Sergeant – lead guitar
Les Pattinson – bass
Pete de Freitas – drums


Side one:

Going Up 4:02
Stars Are Stars 2:48
Pride 2:41
Monkeys 2:49
Crocodiles 2:41

Side two:

Rescue 4:29
Villiers Terrace 2:47
Pictures on My Wall 2:55
All That Jazz 2:48


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