Elton John – Elton John

Elton John - Elton John

This is the second studio album by Sir Elton Hercules John, released April 10 in the on and in the on Uni Records. Since his debut album, Empty Sky, first released in the US some years later, this was considered as his debut album in US, hence the title. To listen I had to find it on Youtube, since I don’t own the vinyl. Try a search and you will see that the reference is “first album”. Which of cause is not true, only “over there” 🙂

I am not a big fan of in general, but I certainly respect his importance to the music in his long and active career, as a composer and artist. And it was a good experience listening the album while writing this entry. It is quiet and very well composed. My favorite song became The Cave, the only song on the album with a little more tempo. Overall Elton John has sold more that 200 million albums worldwide, making him one of the most sold artists all-time. A lot of people participated on this album, here is only some of them:

Elton John – piano, vocals
Diana Lewis – synthesizer
Brian Dee – organ
Frank Clark – acoustic guitar
Colin Green – Spanish guitar
Clive Hicks – guitar
Roland Harker – guitar
Dave Richmond – bass
Alan Weighall – bass
Barry Morgan – drums
Madeline Bell – backing vocals
Roger Cook – backing vocals
Lesley Duncan – backing vocals
Kay Garner – backing vocals


Side one:

Your Song 4:02
I Need You to Turn To 2:35
Take Me to the Pilot 3:47
No Shoe Strings on Louise 3:31
First Episode at Hienton 4:48

Side two:

Sixty Years On 4:35
Border Song 3:22
The Greatest Discovery 4:12
The Cage 3:28
The King Must Die 5:23


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