John Sebastian – John B Sebastian

John B Sebastian

formed The Lovin’ Spoonful in 1965, where he was singer and leading songwriter. But he went solo a few years later and John B. Sebastian is his debut album, released in 1970 though it was recorded in 1968.

The album is written and recorded by himself, performing the vocal and several instruments as Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano and Harmonium. Though with a list of guest performers as Harvey Brooks, Reinol Isaac, Dallas Taylor, Danny Weiss, Stephen and Paul Harris.

It’s my first time listening the album, her on it’s 50’s birthday, and I like it a lot. It’s quiet, really well played and a relaxing experience. You can kind of hear The Lovin’ Spoonful rythms in the songs with lots of associations. A like to have item for later buying or trading.


Side one:

Red-Eye Express 2:53
She’s A Lady 1:43
What She Thinks About 3:00
Magical Connection 2:46
You’re A Big Boy Now 2:46
Rainbows All Over Your Blues 2:26

Side two:

How Have You Been 4:07
Baby, Don’t Ya Get Crazy 2:56
The Room Nobody Lives In 3:10
Fa-Fana-Fa 2:43
I Had A Dream 2:42

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