Paul McCartney – McCartney

Paul McCartney - McCartney

Another solo release by one of members in 1970. recorded most of this album in his homestudio, playing almost all instruments himself, with as backing vocal on some songs. Later, from February to March it was further mixed, partly at Morgan Studios and last at Abbey Road Studios. Finally released on the 17 April 1970.

There was some conflict regarding the release date, since it was planned between Ringo Starr’s debut album, Sentimental Journey (27 March) and final album, Let It Be (8 May). It was solved though, with the other members and Apple Records and it was released as planned, in the UK 17 April and in the 3 days later. But not without a few harsh comments on the way, for example:

Maybe John was right. Maybe were crap. The sooner I get this album out and get it over with the better. – McCartney

It’s a simple fact that if he can’t have it his own way, then he’s causing chaos. I put out four albums last year, and I didn’t say a fucking word about quitting. –

NB. Someone notified me that there is an earlier McCartney release from 1967 called The Family Way. And yes, that is true – but it was a soundtrack album, and as so not considered as a McCartney studio release.

As usual I celebrate the album birthday listening it while writing. I am a big fan of and love most of their music. And I have deeply respect for their contributions to the music development in general. But I am not so keen about these solo albums from the band members, this one by McCartney included. I guess I find it too average, too much and less originality.

Paul McCartney – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, organ, percussion, wineglasses,
Linda McCartney – backing vocals


Side one:

The Lovely Linda 0:43
That Would Be Something 2:38
Valentine Day 1:39
Every Night 2:31
Hot as Sun/Glasses 2:05
Junk 1:54
Man We Was Lonely 2:56

Side two:

Oo You 2:48
Momma Miss America 4:04
Teddy Boy 2:22
Singalong Junk 2:34
Maybe I’m Amazed 3:53
Kreen-Akrore 4:15


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