Pink Floyd – Relics

Pink Floyd - Relics

No rules without exceptions. Normally I don’t add compilations in this list, but in this case I have to, for the first time since the list started last year. This first compilation by is so exceptional, that I have to include Relics as a 50 year from today celebration. The full title of this fantastic compilation is Relics – A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios. It was released in the on May 14 1971 and the day after in the US. The songs are recorded in a period from 1967 to 1969.

The compilation is a combination of early released singles, containing both A and B single sides and also the release of a song never published before, a Roger Waters composition called Afternoon, which was played on early concerts. On Relics it was renamed to Biding My Time. Relics was released in a large number and in various combinations of colored and textured sleeves and different labels. Even the first press with textured sleeve and no colors can be found on Discogs for around 10 Euro in a good condition.

In my opinion a masterpiece of a compilation and a must have in any vinyl collection. I had several variations of the album during the last many years, the one I am listening now is a repress with red text and by Music For Pleasure. My favorite songs are Paintbox, The Nile Song, Arnold Lane,  See Emily Play and Julia Dream. But in general the album is so full of delicate psychedelic passages and becomes very close to a perfect designed and played album. If it was not for Interstellar Overdrive it would be very close to be tagged as a Complete album. I guess the song somehow is too psychedelic for me, and I always get a bit stressed waiting for it to finish and get on to See Emily Play….

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Syd Barrett – vocals, guitar
David Gilmour – vocals, guitar
Nick Mason – drums, percussion
Roger Waters – vocals, bass
Richard Wright – vocals, keyboards


Side one:

Arnold Layne 2:52
Interstellar Overdrive 9:38
See Emily Play 2:54
Remember a Day 4:28
Paintbox 3:35

Side two:

Julia Dream 2:35
Careful With That Axe, Eugene 7:45
Cirrus Minor 5:13
The Nile Song 3:23
Biding My Time 5:16
Bike 3:21


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