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Personal data we collect


When you leave a comment on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent to help spam detection. You don’t have to sign up to comment. You can’t delete your comment after it is posted, but should you accidentally post something you regret you can contact for moderation. We reserve the right to delete anything inappropriate posted on the website without any warnings.

Contact forms

Sending a message via the contact form or one of the notification forms, no data is stored on the webpage. Data in all forms are send directly via email.

Buying vinyls in shop

If you order vinyls in the shop we store the information necessary to handle the order. This is your name, address, email, phone (optional) and the selected vinyls. We have no payment gateway, the payment is done separately via Paypal or bank transfer. Please refer to their privacy policies. The data is stored for one month, then deleted.  You can always contact if you want your order details deleted earlier. Regarding terms and conditions please visit this page.


Dandyvinyl offer no traditional newsletters, but you can sign up getting notifications when a vinyl turns 50 years since it’s release. Doing so we store your name and email. These are used for notifications only. At any time you can easily cancel with a link in the emails.



Dandyvinyl only use practical cookies to make the homepage functionality better. For example to remember that a vinyl is placed in the basket, that a user have seen the cookie notification etc. We use no third party cookies for analytics, advertising or what so ever. Actually I, as site creator, am against the growing and absurd use of peoples data and movements on the Internet. If you want to get rid of some of it I will recommend the browser plugin Ublock and also the Facebook Container plugin.

Dandyvinyl shares your data with nobody, except if you choose to share one of the articles yourself.


Additional information

How we protect your data

Dandyvinyl is a hosted webpage and we trust our host to take care of the basic protection regarding firewall and against virus and other malware. On top of that the webpage is hardened with additional protection, just in case. Like all themes, plugins and modules are updated to newest versions. The webpage is SSL protected and all data and emails are send encrypted.

What third parties we receive data from

At the moment none. This might change in the future though, regarding information about vinyl releases and places to buy and sell vinyls. If anything change it will be presented here.

If you have any questions to this policy you are mostly welcome to contact us. Please use the form on the About page.