Procol Harum – Home

Procol Harum - Home

was formed in 1967 in and became very fast popular with their debut single A Whiter Shade Of Pale, one of the best sold singles ever. (+ 10.000.000 copies). Their debut album was self named from the release and did not contain the debut single in the version, but on the release it was the opening song. Later repress of Procol Harum – was renamed to A Whiter Shade Of Pale and contained the single. This first album is one of my favorites, especially A Whiter Shade.., Conquistador and She Wandered Through The Garden Fence. It’s simply a masterpiece and a fantastic debut album. I chose to mention it here since it’s 50 years release is overdue.

Now this is about Home, celebrating 50 years today. It was recorded at EMI studios in London during February 1970 and released 4 months later in the UK. The band members changed prior to recording the album since both Matthew Fisher and David Knights left. Before forming Procol Harum, Gary Brooker, Robin Trower and B. J. Wilson played in The Paramounts. Now they hired the last band member from then, Chris Copping, to play the bass and The Paramounts was kind of reborn, just with another name. Procol Harum.

I don’t have a “clean” copy of Home, but I was able to listen on vinyl while writing this entry, since it is one of the two albums in the Shine On Brightly/Home pair released in 1972. In Denmark, where I lived my first 48 years til I moved to Czech Republic, became very popular and had several songs staying long time on the top 10. Especially A Whiter Shade Of Pale, but also the later album from 1973, Grand Hotel was a hit. This have to wait to 2023 before it celebrates 50….

Gary Brooker – piano, vocals
Robin Trower – guitar
Chris Copping – organ, bass
B. J. Wilson – drums

Keith Reid – lyrics


Side one:

Whisky Train 4:31
The Dead Man’s Dream 4:46
Still There’ll Be More 4:53
Nothing That I Didn’t Know 3:36
About to Die 3:36

Side two:

Barnyard Story 2:46
Piggy Pig Pig 4:48
Whaling Stories 7:06
Your Own Choice 3:14


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