PUSA – The Presidents Of The United States Of America

The Presidents Of The United States Of America

is a band formed in Seattle in 1993. The name is often shortened PUSA, which I chose to do in the title, not to destroy my archive design with the long name and album title. This is their first and self titled album on vinyl, the year before they released a cassette called Froggystyle. Some of the songs from the cassette was also released on the vinyl album, Kitty At My Foot (renamed to only Kitty) and Naked And Famous. And apropos famous, the album kind of kicked their carrier with Kitty, Lump and Peaches raising on the hit-lists.

I am a bit unsure about this first album and the facts about releases. On Discogs I can only find the version on black vinyl I am listening while writing, released in Europe, the Yellow marbled limited edition, also from Europe and a white Spanish pressing. The releases from are all CD’s except the remastered reissue on green & bronze marbled vinyl, released March 2020 in the US. Unfortunately I was too slowly to buy this release a few months ago while offered via their Facebook page, now only two months later it is sold for 100 – 150 dollar. It have already become a collectors item and sold for prices similar to the original black release I have.

But one thing is the registered versions on Discogs. I digged a bit into it and found that a press of the vinyl actually was released in 1995. I found a few copies on Popsike and as I understand it, this very first press were released in 1000 copies only, but redrawn because the band was pictured with President Bill Clinton. I found this image from an auction, I am not sure it’s 100% correct showing it here, but I take my chance and will of cause remove immediately if anyone claims the rights of it.

Since the version with the alternative sleeve and on white vinyl are sold on auctions, some of the 1000 redrawn copies obviously must be in circulation. If you know more about the story, please send me a mail or comment here. And if you should hold one of the first pressings I would be interested in either buying or trade with something else. Either from my shop or even from these Dandyvinyls. Please don’t make trading suggestions as public comment, but send me a message or mail from the About page. Thank you.

So, the music. Since I add the album to my Dandy part I like it of cause. First and foremost it’s unique. I never heard any band with a music style like these three guys. I have tagged it as and but looking around for references I have seen tags like power pop, punk, grunge, indie rock, post grunge, comic and comic punk. Well, compared to traditional rock music it’s alternative for sure, and it also have it’s moments of comics. Lot’s of them actually. At the same time it’s very melodic and I find the album as a whole very completed. From start to end. It will not qualify as a album I tag as a “Complete album” though, it’s to alternative for that.

But I find a fantastic album for listening once in a while, when the mood is for that kind of listening. And it is always a pleasure to play it for people who haven’t heard it before. Surprising and just something else than usual listening. My personal favorite songs are Lump, Peaches and Dune Buggy.  Well, Kitty is also OK, maybe the most surprising song on the album, but also the first… Sooner or later I will bring their next album up

Chris Ballew – lead vocals, bass
Dave Dederer – guitar, backing vocals
Jason Finn – drums, backing vocals


Side one:

Kitty 3:23
Feather Pluckn 2:57
Lump 2:14
Stranger 3:04
Boll Weevil 3:16
Peaches 2:51
Dune Buggy 2:44

Side two:

We Are Not Going to Make It 1:52
Kick Out the Jams 1:25
Body 4:11
Back Porch 2:59
Candy 3:16
Naked and Famous 3:42


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