Here you find a list of on-line resources regarding vinyls and accessories. If you think something is missing, please hit the button and send your info.

Buy and sell vinyl online

Biggest worldwide site for selling, buying and categorizing vinyl records and Cd's.

Search vinyls among 1000's of music stores around the world - or add your own.

Mainly based user to user vinyl stock. Also ships to Europe. Have auctions too.

Vinyl Tap is a vinyl store in UK. If you can't find an item anywhere else, try here.

Another worldwide stock with items from stores and private. Write they have 15 mil.

Claim to have a lot of rare items in stock. Private sellers and stores

Pricing and graduating

Searching on-line auctions since 2004 and compares prices. Great price indicator.

Searches through online auctions like Popsike. Also include CD's and cassettes.

Well, another site who search througe auctions. Could have other matches.

Goldmine grading system explained in details at the goldminemag webpage.

A simple guideline at the Discogs market place. Good for basic understanding

Other grading systems

Yes, I have also noticed there are other systems used by sellers. In my opinion, don’t use them, stick to the Goldmine!!!
Vinyl fares and markets

Have a list containing some of the big record and CD fares in central Europe.

List of some of the fares. Mainly the ones where Custard Box are present.

Mainly fares in Germany, organized by Schalplattenborsen. Page is in German.

A list of fares in USA. Not full list of cause, but they have a lot for sure.

Worldwide database with fares and mostly shops. Navigate on a map.

Recordplanet / Megaplatten is the largest fare in the world. Holland.


German online shop where I buy my sleeves and stuff. Sends to fair prices.

based online shop for vinyl accessories, cleaning and more.

Another online shop for sleeves and other accessories. Sends worldwide,

Recommended shop from Holland. Cheap products and fast delivery. Quality items.

Manufacturer of different kinds accessories for vinyl cleaning and turntables.

Forums and discussions

Various forums with discussions about music, albums, accessories etc..

Vinyl discussion boards and sale/want items. With a lot of activity.

Another discussion board, mostly for turntable related but also music.

Discussions about audio in general. Very active forum with lots of daily posts.

discussion forum, mainly but also lots of other subjects.