Stooges, The – Fun House

The second album with and also the final album with the original band members. That will say except Steve Mackay who was not member, when the band formed in 1967, nor on their debut album, The Stooges, in 1969. He only participated briefly during the recordings, but regained the band when reformed in 2003. Fun House was recorded in Sound Recorders studio in Los Angeles during 2 weeks, between 11 and 25 May, 1970.

The first pressings from 1970 are very difficult to find and very expensive, even in conditions below VG. As writing you find a few on Discogs, the gatefold release from 100 to 300 Euro, the UK press even more expensive. The rare Japanese version is sold for 1500 Euro in 2018 in NM condition.

As most interested people know, The Stooges – and mainly , was considered as the first – or at least one of the first, proto-punk bands, who influenced the later punk genres. Iggy pop (James Newell Osterberg) have even been called “The Godfather of Punk”. Hmnn… Beside The Stooges and Fun House, the band produced one third album in the early years, Raw Power, which will celebrate 50 years in 2023. This was without bassist Dave Alexander, this was then played by Ron Asheton.

I had to listen this album from Youtube, since I sold both my Stooges albums (and lots of other albums) back in 2014 raising money for a year of traveling. Well, I find it all round as a musical experience – but maybe more like historical interesting than a listening pleasure. My favorite song was, and still is Dirt. I find the album as a whole pretty messy, but that probably is intended as garage/dirty/hard rock entrepreneurs – the proto/pre punk “label” the band and Iggy Pop of cause first gained later. I give no scores for the albums I list here, but if you look at rateyourmusic this album actually scores highest from The Stooges discography. Surprisingly – I would have guessed the debut was more popular….

Iggy Pop – vocals
Ron Asheton – guitar
Dave Alexander – bass guitar
Scott Asheton – drums
Steve Mackay – saxophone


Side one:

Down on the Street 3:42
Loose 3:33
T.V. Eye 4:17
Dirt 7:00

Side two:

1970 5:14
Fun House 7:45
L.A. Blues 4:53

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