Supertramp – Supertramp

Supertramp - Supertramp

Another debut album reached the list. This self-titled album by Supertramp was recorded during one night in June from 12 to 6am at the  Morgan Sound Studios in London, England – and released the following month. The release in the came 7 years later, in 1977, but i read that a lot of items was imported from the UK.

The album is normally found as “Supertramp”, but also appears in a release titled: And I’m Not Like Other. A bit more expensive and harder to find. A 3. release version is Now & Then. It’s the only album with drummer Robert Miller and guitarist Richard Palmer, they were later replaced by Kevin Currie and Frank Farrell. All lyrics are written by Richard Palmer and the music composed by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson.

The album is not bad at all in my opinion, I especially like the songs It’s a Long Road and Nothing To Show. Though Supertramp isn’t among my favorite bands today, they have some history from my young days, living with fans of them in a cooperative in Denmark. Especially Even in the Quietest Moments was often spinning on the turntable. Also the reason that I almost have a complete collection of their albums, the debut I’m listening while writing is a later 1984 repress from
Hallmark Records.

Richard Davies – organ, piano, harmonica, backing and lead vocals
Roger Hodgson – bass guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, lead and backing vocals
Richard Palmer – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika, backing and lead vocals
Robert Millar – drums, percussion


Side one:

Surely 0:31
It’s a Long Road 5:34
Aubade and I Am Not Like Other Birds of Prey 5:17
Words Unspoken 3:59
Maybe I’m a Beggar 6:43
Home Again 1:14

Side two:

Nothing to Show 4:53
Shadow Song 4:24
Try Again 12:02
Surely 3:09


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