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Welcome back to Syd Barrett! This is his second and final studio album, just called Barrett, released today 50 years ago. Actually his first studio solo album was also the first album entering my list, released 3 January 1970.

Again the listener can’t be in any doubt that this music have it’s roots in the compositions and looking at the personnel listed below you see why. One person is missing though, that is Roger Waters of cause, as anyone could be in doubt. Like The Madcap Laughs album it is very well organized and the guitar rifs’ are so delicate played by Syd himself and Gilmour. A great must have album, which was recorded in a long period from 26 February to 21 July 1970 at Abbey Road Studios in London

Syd Barrett – lead and backing vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars,
David Gilmour – bass guitar, 12-string guitar, additional organ, slide guitar, drums
Richard Wright – hammond organ, piano, harmonium
Jerry Shirley – drums, percussion
John Wilson – drums, percussion
Vic Saywell – tuba


Side one:

Baby Lemonade 4:10
Love Song 3:03
Dominoes 4:08
It Is Obvious 2:59
Rats 3:00
Maisie 2:51

Side two:

Gigolo Aunt 5:46
Waving My Arms in the Air 2:09
I Never Lied to You 1:50
Wined and Dined 2:58
Wolfpack 3:41
Effervescing Elephant 1:56


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