Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs

Syd Barret - The Madcap Laughs

After Syd Barret left in 1968 The Madcap Laughs was his first solo album. I just listened it and immediately got associations to the early psychedelic songs from Pink Floyd. More or less from the whole Relics album. A look into the credits might explain that since David Gilmore, Malcolm Jones and Roger Waters are all credited as producers. Gilmore also as guitarist, bassist and drummer on Octopus. Syd was born 6th. of January 1946 and turned 24 a few days after the release. With that in mind I think it is an impressive recording for such a young musician.

The musicians credited on the album:
Syd Barrett – acoustic and electric guitar, vocals.
David Gilmour – bass guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, drums.
Jerry Shirley – drums.
Willie Wilson – drums
Robert Wyatt – drums.
Hugh Hopper – bass guitar.
Mike Ratledge – keyboards.


Side one:

Terrapin 5:04
No Good Trying 3:26
Love You 2:30
No Man’s Land 3:03
Dark Globe 2:02
Here I Go 3:11

Side two:

Octopus 3:47
Golden Hair 1:59
Long Gone 2:50
She Took A Long Cold Look 1:55
Feel 2:17
If It’s In You 2:26
Late Night 3:10


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