T-Rex – T-Rex

T.Rex - T.Rex

This is the self titled debut album by T.Rex since they changed name from in October 1970, and the fifth album in all. This will also be the last album represented on my list this year, since I have not found more confirmed releases. The list will continue next year of cause! A few albums released in December 1970, which I can’t find confirmed release dates from, and with some interest for you could be:

Eric Burdon and War – The Black-Man’s Burdon
Van der Graaf Generator – H to He, Who Am the Only One
Ten Years After – Watt
and Free – Highway.
Search and you will find 🙂

has been represented on my list earlier this year, with the last album under the name – called Beard Of Stars, released March 13, 1970. The T.Rex album in topic here was recorded from July to August 1970 at the Trident Studios in London. With the change of name also followed a change of music style from folk to be more inspired by rock. And to the better in my opinion.

It’s not my favorite T.Rex album, but I find it easy listening, quiet and straight forward. Primary written and performed by the original duo Marc Bolan with the smooth and delicate voice and Mickey Finn. Next year their second album as T.Rex will have it’s celebration in September, Electric Warrior, with the fantastic song Cosmic Dancer.

The next season of celebration albums will start in January with artists like Chicago, Janis Joplin, and the last album recording with Alan Wilson, who died from an overdose in September 1970. And ZZ Top will have their debut release named “ZZ Top’s First Album”.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope everyone celebrates properly despite of the corona crisis out ther. See you next year with a lot of great albums!

Marc Bolan – vocals, guitar, bass, organ
Mickey Finn – drums, bass, Pixiphone, vocals
Tony Visconti – bass, piano, recorder, string arrangements
Howard Kaylan – background vocals
Mark Volman – background vocals


Side one:

The Children of Rarn
The Visit
The Time of Love Is Now
Diamond Meadows
Root of Star
Beltane Walk

Side two:

Is It Love?
One Inch Rock
Summer Deep
Seagull Woman
The Wizard
The Children of Rarn


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