Ten Years After – Cricklewood Green

Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green

Cricklewood Green is recorded at Olympic Studio in London and mainly produced by Alvin Lee. It is the fourth studio album by Ten Years After (if you don’t calculate the “semi-live” album Undead). In my opinion one of their best albums, a delicate mix of rock, and a twist of psychedelic rock.

Later this year, in September, another release from them have birthday, Watt. Ten Years had a long list of songs and albums entering the billboards, both in and US. Especially from this period, after they changed name from Ivan Jay and the Jaymen.

The band members at the time of release:
Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals
Leo Lyons – bass
Ric Lee – drums
Chick Churchill – organ, piano and harpsichord


Side one:

Sugar The Road 3:46
Working On The Road 4:15
0,000 Miles Beneath My Brain 7:37
Year 3,000 Blues 2:17

Side two:

Me And My Baby 4:12
Love Like A Man 7:13
Circles 3:55
As The Sun Still Burns Away 4:42


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