Thin Lizzy – Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy - Thin Lizzy

Time for another debut album. Today the self titled debut with Thin Lizzy, recorded 2 years after they formed in Dublin, Ireland. It was recorded during a few days in January 1971, at the Studios in London, and released in the and Ireland under Decca, in the and Canada with London Record, and with a very different sleeve:

Thin Lizzy US sleeve version

had a pretty turbulent time with lots of changes in personnel, both in the period from they formed in 69 and till they dis-banded in 83. And again from they re-banded in 96 until present. Credited on the debut is both Eric Wrixon (former member) and Gary More who became member later in shorter periods until 83, and again from 96 to present.  In the whole Thin Lizzy “lifetime” I count 28 members, but I might have missed one or two 🙂

In this early period Philip Lynott and Brian Downey were the main and persistent members and Lynott wrote most of the material until 83 where he went solo and made 3 albums until his death in 86, at the age of 36. Officially he died from pneumonia and heart failure due to septicaemia.

The debut album was followed up by a 7″” maxi single 2 months later, called New Day. It contained 4 songs that was included in later CD pressings of the debut album: Dublin, Remembering Part II (New Day), Old Moon Madness and Things Ain’t Working Out Down At The Farm. Taking a look at the pressings for sale at the Discogs marketplace, shows that the maxi has become much more valuable for collectors than the debut album itself.

Thin Lizzy - New Day Maxi

I can not say I am a big fan of this early releases, I think they do better with the later and more heavy inspired hard albums. I have a copy of this one in my collection and listened it now while writing the post. It’s a later re-press of the version and rarely played. As Thin Lizzy, despite of the big circulation of band members, were very productive these first years, we will celebrate 50 year releases more or less yearly. Next time in March 2022 with Shades Of A Blue Orphanage.

Philip Lynott – vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Eric Bell – lead guitar, twelve-string guitar
Brian Downey – drums, percussion

Additional musicians
Ivor Raymonde – mellotron
Eric Wrixon – keyboards
Gary Moore – guitar and keyboards
Midge Ure – vocals and guitar


Side one:

The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle 3:01
Honesty Is No Excuse 3:40
Diddy Levine 7:04
Ray-Gun 3:05
Look What the Wind Blew In 3:23

Side two:

Eire 2:07
Return of the Farmer’s Son 4:14
Clifton Grange Hotel 2:26
Saga of the Ageing Orphan 3:40
Remembering 5:59


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