ZZ Top – ZZ Tops First Album

ZZ Tops First Album

Oups, I almost overlooked this debut album by ZZ Top. Sorry you have the notification a bit late today, but still on the 50 year day, here in Europe that is, and for sure for you who is situated in the US. Sorry to the single Australian subscriber on my list, but you must be used to late mails now 🙂

Now I will make it a bit short while listening to my German repress of ZZ Top’s First Album. They are known as very humoristic people, on concerts and in the studio. Maybe that affects the title, but here is what Billy Gibbons (William Frederick Gibbons) is quoted when asked:

We called the record ZZ Top’s First Album because we wanted everyone to know that there would be more. We weren’t certain if we’d get another chance in the studio, but we had high hopes

The album was recorded in Robin Hood Studios in Texas. It is not their best album in my opinion, Tres Hombres or Degüello would be better candidates for that. But absolutely approved as a debut album and I like most of the songs. Especially Brown Sugar, Neighbour and Certified Blues. The album have a flow and persistence through both sides and a delicate sound. It comes no way near being a “Complete Album”, but absolutely a must have item for people who like the  inspired rock.

This was the days before they grow the longer beard as they are so known for. Depicted on the inner cover. Here is a photo of it, but it might be difficult to see clearly. Worth listening for sure I guess the whole album is on Youtube if one have not the vinyl or CD.

ZZ Top First inner

Billy Gibbons – guitar, vocals
Dusty Hill – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocal
Frank Beard – drums, percussion


Side one:

(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree 2:32
Brown Sugar 5:22
Squank 2:46
Goin’ Down to Mexico 3:26
Old Man 3:23

Side two:

Neighbor, Neighbor 2:18
Certified Blues 3:25
Bedroom Thang 4:37
Just Got Back From Baby’s 4:07
Backdoor Love Affair 3:20


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